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About Us

Whether service consists of introducing a “mom and pop” shop to the world of digital information, designing and implementing a corporate WAN, or improving the effectiveness of an already installed network, LK Communications formulates the appropriate business solution.

We provide cost-effective solutions allowing our clients to maximize their time and money by balancing current and future needs.

By incorporating client’s feedback, we are constantly reinventing ourselves to persistently fine-tune our offered services. We form cross-organization alliances augmenting our resources. It is our belief continuous improvement is necessary to meet the growing demands of technology in today’s business environment.

LK Communications works within a framework of carefully selected core values:

  • Conduct everyday business with a commitment to ethics.
  • Commit ourselves to operational excellence as we deliver customer value through our services.
  • Provide transparency in business delivery – our clients will know how we provide our services, when we will do it, and we will meet the expectations we have agreed upon.
  • Give back to the community as solid corporate citizens.
  • Maintain a constant transfer of knowledge to our clients.


Voice and Data

LK Communications provides Internet Protocol services for businesses and wholesale customers. Our strength is in its diverse portfolio of products combined with a skilled team of professionals to develop unique telecom solutions and provide high quality customer support.

IT Solutions

LK Communications provides a significant number of IT based solutions to meet your needs. We provide the best-of-breed solutions to our customers that give you the best value for your budget.


LK Communications offers a wide variety of Structured Cabling services in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Our experience and dedication to excellence is hard to match as we strive to best align business strategies with business technology.

Cost Assessmenets

Did you know 90% of our clients save 20-30% off their current voice and data invoice.

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